3 wishes

If you had 3 wishes, what would they be? Would it be for self gain, or the betterment of all human kind?

I once saw a movie where a guy wished for world peace. Sounds fair enough - simple. The result was that everything on earth disappeared, and there was " peace on earth ". He then spent his other wish to get everyone back to normal. I guess the moral of that story was that not everything that is wrong in the world can be fixed by simply wishing it away. In that respect, perhaps the imperfections that create the unbalanced - and sometimes violent nature of the world was meant to be?

What is it that we truly want? I think we can all agree that is it to be happy - what that means exactly differs from person to person. Money plays a big part, because the world as we know it revolves around money, and the power that is associated with it. So a wish for money is a common one, but as the saying goes - money can't buy you love, especially when that love you're looking for is from ureself. Nevertheless, money will get you the comforts that you want - so perhaps an indirect route is what you need.

" I wish I can be inspired to write #1 hits or " I wish I can conceptualise ideas in science that are yet to be discovered" Something around that would bring you all the money you need eventually. Plus you will have the joy of working for it; Nothing that is won freely will be enjoyed to the fullest.

Avoid fads - A guy once wished he could be invisible. He promptly got knocked down by a passing car. Being invisible is nice, but having the power to assume which ever power you desire and for whatever period you want is better. Think about it!

Don't bring back the dead! Ever! Enough said. What is done is done.

For your final wish, try to be selfless. instead of the Ms. Universe world peace answer, try tolerance. Wish that all humans have tolerance for each others differences. With this tolerance, over time, perhaps, there will be the peace you wish for.

There comes a time in life where success is measured by personal satisfaction rather than actual achievement.

All through life we are pushed to think logical, emotional, radical. They teach you how to be sensible, respectable, detachable. Yet there comes the day when training is all done, and you are released in the world to do the best you can.

Until then success was handed to you on a piece of paper... An advert that TELLS you, and everyone else for that matter, how successful you have been... how good you are... how much you are worth as a human being. Somehow, that system works... and most people keep chugging along; do the do, pleasing who they have to please to get ahead.

But there comes a point in life where success is more relative. It’s a personal choice to be successful or not. I think that’s the main difference in being an adult. As a child success is defined for you. As an adult, you define you own success, and in time, the success of your own children. There’s as old saying, its better to have a bad plan, than no plan at all. I think what I have is a bad plan, perhaps a very bad plan. But it’s a plan non the less. Not the plan I intended, and certainly not leading to the same successes that I set out to achieve, we at least not directly.
Its time to re-define success, and the means of getting it...

It has always been my dream to see the world... to get out of little Trinidad and experience all this world has to offer. There is no greater failure for me than to have not achieved that prime objective. Now, through life there were several paths that lead there ( all of which I've managed to muck up to this point). Firstly there was college.... get into a college in the US or UK. Simple, but not set. That didn’t happen the way I wanted it to and I landed in Geosciences... by no means a failure... infact a great success?!?

Then there was a job/ MSc. Look for something in the US or UK again? No... Got a job in a good multi-national company locally. Another great success?!?

And finally, there was a foreign posting... which I happened to no receive. There reasons for me not getting that posting is a topic for another post, but I'll say that I lost the job due to no fault of mine... I did however land a great post in frontier exploration in the Columbus Basin... great stuff ... really interesting, what another great success?!?

It is now, at this point I need to re-evaluate my success.

A good poker player is analogous to a confidant man who can game women. You need to approach things logically and not get caught up in what's at stake. That is to say, irrespective of whether she's a ten or a beer goggle beauty you need to advance things logically and not let your emotions lead you astray.

In both games I think success is determined by both luck and skill. Some days your hot, lady luck is on your side and you can use that glowing confidence to your advantage. When your on a roll, nobody can stop you. Other players are intimidated by your high stack (alpha male) status. Playing with confidence draws in for the big pots (9s/10s) while your overwhelming chip count (success and confidence) helps women gravitate toward you. Enjoy the it while it lasts.

Other times, the game will be cold and unforgiving...there's little you can do to change the hands your dealt. You can bluff your way through (liquid courage...aka alcohol), but more often than not people will see through your bullshit facade. In times of famine, ones low stack status (beta male / AFC) will lead to "all in" behavior or "tilt" as they call it in poker. The hit or miss hail Mary scenario where you drunk text, call too much, or the mother of them all: propose. eek

I've been playing both games for a while now, and though I'm no WSOP/PUA guru, I can tell you that you can't use cold cards as an excuse to stop playing the game or play irrationally. If you step back and look at the bigger picture, it'll become apparent that the outcome is not determined explicitly by the cards you're dealt but how you choose to play them.

You need to step up with confidence and know how to go about using your skills and attributes to your advantage. So you weren't born a Trump, Gates or Slim; you're not smooth like Don Juan or Casanova; and your intellect stems nowhere near that of Nietzsche, Kubrick or Einstein.

You may be none of these things but you are a goddamn man. A long time ago, not long after you were born into the world and became aware of the life around you. You had dreams, you had aspirations, you had an imagination of things you could accomplish and the cognitive innocence to believe nothing otherwise.

Some old Auntie who you'd never met, and wore too much makeup would come over, rub your cheeks with a gleeful smile and ask, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" And if you only had the vocabulary you have now, it would have been, "A motherfuckin' policeman." verbatim. You probably said a police man, or a pilot, of a fireman or something to that effect, because it those days you could have conquered the world and pwned Skeletor in the same day if you wanted.

Man, when you're young, you genuinely think you can accomplish whatever you want, be exactly who you want to be. Somewhere along the way life gets to you and you begin to think otherwise. When you're a child you are full of emotion and being brought up into a man you learn to hide them. I think a consequence of this action is the relationship between our emotions and aspirations. The feeling you'd get while being a bad ass ninja fuckin up crackheads with ninja stars. Being Rambo with nothing more than you're dads handkerchief and an imitation Nerf gun that shot ping pong balls cuz that shit was expensive.

The point is, I think a lot of success comes about by staying true to yourself and being aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Analyze what you are doing and study what gives you the best results. Like anything in life worth doing, you have to push yourself until you see a satisfactory result. The transition between child and adult is filled with a surplus of corporate hegemony and media saturation, trials and tribulations, naysayers that bring you down and many other problems that I and no one else could know better than you.

Because so much has changed in yourself between now and then, because the part of you that is still Alpha is directly proportional to what's left of Michael Jackson's nose - I have taken it upon myself to remind you as Blake in Glengarry Glen Ross would:

You have a big set of balls between your legs. Walk down the street with an air of confidence like you just arrived in the Ferrari, fucked Adriana Lima and won the Pulitzer Prize. Do what you have to do to give you that smile of assertion, that sanguine of seduction. Smile while talking to a girl knowing that in the end it really doesn't matter.

If a a potential love interest doesn't reciprocate, don't hold contempt for another....just look at it as a game that you'll soon play again. I've been playing poker long enough to know that it's never the same every time around. There will be times when you're the high stack and others when you're the low. The difference is your head when it comes to the next hand, next table and an entirely new game. When you're on a winning streak, sit back and enjoy the moment, because you don't know when next you'll be hitting the jackpot. In the mean time keep your head up, and go get'em

The game of dating is a universal conundrum. How do you choose to acquire your catch. Should the would be fisherman guide his passion via the experience and patience of the ol' rod and lure or enjoy his hobby redneck rambo style with a stick of dynamite to put the odds in his favor?

Dating a girl usually means you end up in one of two scenarios: trapped in the friend zone or hierarchized as something worth more among the plethora of other men she hangs about. The former means you start dating a girl and end up bating yourself as you become enrolled by infatuation and 'onenitis'. You compound your thought process debating whether to push further or step back. The divider between these two states is measured by your ability to walk the fine line of ambitious flirtation (good game) without looking needy in the process.

They say women are ones who become 'clingy'...emotionally attached. Some argue this from a genetic and evolutionary perspective. A woman may reproduce once every nine months while a man may spread his seed like a wildfire if he so chooses. Science has changed the name of the game and women of our generation can have sex as often as they like. Women are no longer clingy.

Women of this generation are quickly learning that they can control who and how many men they see and when the coital gates of heaven will be opened to the said wooer. Where as a woman 200 years ago would attach to man for physical, emotional, financial, and environmental security, the modern day woman trumps your he-man testosterone levels with the notion of independence.

This has trickled down as part of a larger issues dubbed "4th wave feminism". Though I would divulge into the idiosyncrasies that make up this sect, let's just say these are the type of girls that always let your calls go to voicemail and text message like the receptionist of yesteryear. They often must encompass these skills because they are dating several men at the same time. From the time things escalate they try calling the shots with the infamous "I don't know what I want right now." rolleyes Every time I hear this line my bullshit alarm starts goes off. Every woman knows she wants to fall in love, it's their greatest aspiration and desire. I look at is as an excuse to have guys tag along on a ride called embellish me.

Men on the other hand fall in love several times every day; it happens on the subway as a beautiful woman boards your cart. Later again in the grocery aisle; while walking down the street; and later that night at a bar. Like an orchid they are captivating in a very unique way. Tomorrow will be the same as today, we cannot help but be memorized by such creations. Sculptures of flesh parading everywhere....it's a beautiful sight that you get so easily lost in. Such a feeling can only be attributed to love. Ah yes...we men are visual creatures caught in a genetic trap of optic stimulation that compounds the senses in a most awe-inspiring way. But...

Every once in a while a girl comes along who has the potential to be something more. Her words are full of small wisdom; her sentences idioms; and her silence a chance to catch your breath. You're not one to wear your heart on your sleeve but find it slipping away like a dog trying to catch it's own tail.

This viscous cycle has become a part of everyday life. Should one hunt for the kill or simply for the thrill of the hunt, i.e. 'greater' satisfaction. Ones hunger, in every sense of the word, will inevitably arise again, therefore it is paramount to know which form of pleasure brings you the greatest satisfaction.

To answer this you must determine your taste. You must be true to what gives you the most pleasure and in so doing brings about a sense of equilibrium, content, a feeling that lulls over you in a most unassuming manner. Do you seek sexual gratification or forgo such pleasure for emotional homeostasis? Finding the latter will often mean a Congo case of blue balls so prep your pr0n folder for the long haul.

The problem as a man is though instant gratification comes in both the physical and emotional forms we have been brought up to conceal such vulnerabilities. Instead we pursue the former as a more temporal means of appeasement, knowing that such pacification will allow us the strength and fight for it another day. Think of this recourse as being the road more taken; the route to temporal bliss so as to avoid the complication of cognitive solitude. Everyone needs love, but it's better to get your 'fix' in the moment then to sit idly wondering where to find the cure (aka tabanka)

Finding sex is easier...there will always be someone there. Finding love is always, in the very context of the feeling, putting yourself on a limb, at risk, open for exaltation. In a world of 6.6 billion people, it's a lonely feeling if you can't find another person to love you. No one wants to feel like a loser, so people close off to the expectation of finding it. You definitely don't want to find yourself becoming 'emo' in pursuit of an emotional connection you may never find. That said...I think that's why people play games. They're caught in this struggle between putting themselves out there (being vulnerable) or closing off (wearing a mask, distracting yourself with work, projects, drug/alcohol abuse) or hiding yourself (tons of makeup, fashion accessories, texting while walking down the street with big designer sunglesses) from the world.

Therefore, let us ask - should you let it go? Should you let your heart lead you astray with a woman? No, lessons of the past have taught you not to let go so easily. Everything about being a man is encapsulated by ones ability to control his feelings. A raging tornado of altruism and indifference constantly logisticizing what to show the world.

I say wear your heart in you chest, and pound it like an 800lbs gorilla screaming from the top of a building. If she's a true woman, she'll see somewhere behind the jungle of your mane, that buried deep below the hairy chest lies a heart in some shape or form (give her HD trailer like glimpses now and again to keep the tension and excitement.)

It's time for natural selection, all girls that don't fit the bill can hit 30, cut their hair and turn into cat lovers. It's time for men to awaken from their long slumber...I will speak more of this in my next installment. Until then go brush up your poker game.

Knock, knock..whose there? It's me wondering why you're not naked

Something New

It's always refreshing to find something new. The human spirit is an amazing thing but easily diminished when burdened with everyday menial life. That said it's always nice to find new things to keep you going; keep you inspired.

I'm graduating from college and moving on with my life. I'm taking a road trip on some of the best road through Europe. Moreover, I'm doing it in an evo VIII. It will no doubt be unreal, I'll try my best not to try any Crack Makinen tactic and bring both the car and myself in one piece.

With 2000 miles to cover I'm going to need lots of music to keep me going. I was watching this Top Gear Epsiode for inspiration. As usual, the soundtrack is an eclectic mix that inspires the soul. It's the kind of music that gives you goosebumps and makes you think about some fantasy you've been planning your whole life.

First off we have Ludovico Einaudi, an Italian composer with some amazing minimalist classical music. His 2007 album Divenire is worth checking out; it's the best classic I've heard since Michael Nyman's work on the Gattaca OST. The song "Ritornare" is particularly beautiful yet encompassing an almost melancholy serene:

Next, I accidentally found this guy called "Apparat." while looking at Remix of the same Top Gear video. His music is the most original thing I've heard in a long time. Imagine a half cup of Craig Armstrong, two tea spoons of Radiohead, and a dash of minimalist trance. It would definitely constitute as "high man" music, but I seem to be the odd ball that enjoys it sober.

I can understand someone wearing a courier bag aka "man purse"....on campus you see that shit all the time - but this...this is straight up homo. Only in New York [edit--> and San Francisco] would you see such a thing.

Trinis...Imagine a chiney man walking up Charlotte street, flexing d latest Louis Vuitton-bag swaying in all it's glory while smoking a cigarette with the pinky extended like Du Maurier is about to go out of style.


Now before you go all Richard Simmons on my ass, anyone who grew up in Trinidad will understand the distinction in culture - homosexuality is not tolerated in the West Indies. I have no malice, disdain or hatred for homosexuals. You have to understand that, as a Trinidadian, this is a cultural twilight zone; it's beyond the categorization of taboo.

Moreover, the grand gestures and overly efeminite catch phrases such as:
don't help any. They manage to take the label of "attention whore" to an entirely new level. Caught in a culture that promotes promotes sexual freedom and promiscuity, it's like they feel this need to let everyone know how proud and HAPPY they are to be gay.

I'm sure it must be exiting to be sexually awakened, to accept the circumstance they had no choice over (apparently). But do you really have to parade the news like a tabloid, do you really have to speak so loud that everyone must endure the callousness of your frilly epicene voice. Heterosexual couples annoy me when flaunting their affection in public...like they are some celebrity couple starving for pavaratzi; you think I prefer to see two men going at it.

If you're gay, then you're gay....you do you. Be proud if you want, I don't give a rats ass. But there's a class that comes with humility, anonymity, and modesty. To thine own self be true motherfucker! Know what you are and not what you want to appear to be. If I had to guess, I'd say the loudest, most flamboyant butt muncher is the weakest; the most insecure. He's akin to the modern day metrosexual Guido:

or the porcelin doll:

encompassing a plethora of materialistic and personable accessories to compensate for their trite insecurities. cry That said...a man carrying a purse is UNACCEPTABLE.

But Hot Lesbian Sex is perfectly fine. mrgreen


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