I can understand someone wearing a courier bag aka "man purse"....on campus you see that shit all the time - but this...this is straight up homo. Only in New York [edit--> and San Francisco] would you see such a thing.

Trinis...Imagine a chiney man walking up Charlotte street, flexing d latest Louis Vuitton-bag swaying in all it's glory while smoking a cigarette with the pinky extended like Du Maurier is about to go out of style.


Now before you go all Richard Simmons on my ass, anyone who grew up in Trinidad will understand the distinction in culture - homosexuality is not tolerated in the West Indies. I have no malice, disdain or hatred for homosexuals. You have to understand that, as a Trinidadian, this is a cultural twilight zone; it's beyond the categorization of taboo.

Moreover, the grand gestures and overly efeminite catch phrases such as:
don't help any. They manage to take the label of "attention whore" to an entirely new level. Caught in a culture that promotes promotes sexual freedom and promiscuity, it's like they feel this need to let everyone know how proud and HAPPY they are to be gay.

I'm sure it must be exiting to be sexually awakened, to accept the circumstance they had no choice over (apparently). But do you really have to parade the news like a tabloid, do you really have to speak so loud that everyone must endure the callousness of your frilly epicene voice. Heterosexual couples annoy me when flaunting their affection in public...like they are some celebrity couple starving for pavaratzi; you think I prefer to see two men going at it.

If you're gay, then you're gay....you do you. Be proud if you want, I don't give a rats ass. But there's a class that comes with humility, anonymity, and modesty. To thine own self be true motherfucker! Know what you are and not what you want to appear to be. If I had to guess, I'd say the loudest, most flamboyant butt muncher is the weakest; the most insecure. He's akin to the modern day metrosexual Guido:

or the porcelin doll:

encompassing a plethora of materialistic and personable accessories to compensate for their trite insecurities. cry That said...a man carrying a purse is UNACCEPTABLE.

But Hot Lesbian Sex is perfectly fine. mrgreen



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