I found myself watching this informative though somewhat deceptive documentary. When looking at a film, the first thing I ask myself is: "What's this persons objective? They are trying to convince me that [insert conspiracy theory here]"

I for one have been hindering a growing attachment for conspiracy documentaries, but I deny myself the delicious indulgence of regurgitating something I saw on Google video to those not in the know. I watch these videos and want to think I'm above all this shady behavior, that-unlike the neo-liberal, cubicle dwelling, mouseketeers watching YouTube and checking Facebook-I'm somehow above that. But am I?

It's unfair to just think we are all so obtuse and blind, unaware of what's happening around us. Of course we know that government, corporations, media and banks control our lives. But I cannot embellish such theories unless you propose a motherfucking solution. Oh, no solution? Then move along donkey dick.

They make it sound like we are going to drop everything and start the anarchist V for Vendetta style movement. WTF? I'm young and informed...I, a victim of neo-liberalism, know more than your better judgment presumes I do.

I know that pharmaceutical companies patent genes while mothers die of breast cancer since it's too expensive to buy the rights necessary to study the protein. I know the soy in that soy in your late comes from beans which were genetically modified. I know the companies that own these patents must capitalize on their discovery in order to compensate for expenses surmounted during R&D. I know that this is the first sign of a failed system.

I know that our economy (subsystem) is geared for growth where as the biosphere (the parent system) remains the same size; we are quickly displacing the biosphere because our economy is geared toward the endless pursuit of growth. That human beings are selfish and will only think as far as themselves, their progeny, their profits and their 401K. That guy who hit 40 yesterday and bought a corvette doesn't give a rats ass about melting glaciers...he's thinking about:

1. Enjoying the money he's managed to save after being ass raped by the IRS and having worked for his entire life since the age of three.
2. Picking up a hot blonde so he can get his dick wet.
3. Enjoying the adrenaline rush of a 7 Liter V8 and hitting 200 mph.

I know that we'll never attempt sustainable design until we rethink corporate economic globalization. That until people change their mental attachment to materialistic possessions habits wont change. That until the government, investment bankers, lobbyists and politicians find something that makes just as money as fossil fuels they won't provide incentives or procure change....no, to them change is bad.

I know that industrialization has caused this. That advances in technology and medicine mean that more people live, reproduce and consume the products which corporations manufacture by pillaging the earth; it's trees, animals, soil, seas, wetlands and air. I know that future generations might will either not survive or survive to see a hot baron rock.

I know while the media portrays Hugo Chavez as a fascist, totalitarian monster, his ascendancy into power was one of the most democratic examples that the united states could learn from. Moreover, his actions since being voted into power exemplify his use of monetary sources for the betterment of the impoverished, ie the majority of the people in his country...not the minority making all the money off the oil who used the media as a tool to maintain power and propagate the conception of him as Castro's partner in crime.

I know the reason Washington dislikes Chavez is, not only because he controls the worlds 3rd largest source for oil, but because he represents such radical socio-economic change in which the government is controlled by the people and not the panoptic, Orwellian way around.

I know that women are no longer the way they used to be. That finding one that can hold a conversation and not your credit car is a journey within itself. That they are insecure and confused, unlike the last generation of strong, confident, loving women: women who bent over for men (no pun intended). Women who sacrificed for their spouse and family...often too much but nevertheless out of love. Now woman are the opposite...they seek complete self interest, ignoring anyone else's needs until theirs are fulfilled.

Let's face the reality I'm a sheep, you're a sheep...we're all slaves to something. Even if you're a god damn hobbit that lives in the woods, a tall, pipe smoking wizard will find you and some weakness to exploit...he'll find your precioussss.

There are too many distractions if you look around. And while drugs and alcohol might do it for most, money is the true red meat which distracts the watchdog of the mind. EVERYONE can find some route to happiness with money....right?

As much as I want to believe there are greedy men of almost insurmountable wealth who play the world like a craps game, it's easier for me to believe we're all sheep to some opiate that has managed to displace "true" happiness (aka love). I'm sure the greedy NWO bankers are brewing a diabolical scheme, the effects of which trickle down to materialistic slavery. However, in the greater scheme of things, the problem is more of an individual one- self imposed slavery that I fear we are far from abandoning much less ostracizing when the power of Prada compels you.

I'm quite demanding of myself when it comes to adopting a revised position on some controversial subject. Immediately adopting a new stance on something which is larger and more complex than a video found on google is akin to walking on thin ice. It's dangerous and lazy to believe you understand the world and it's idiosyncrasies via a neat little compressed package.

It's a lot harder to go and read up those sources and see if they're full of shit or the person did their homework. Unlike most, I actually like to know what the fuck I'm talking about. So when faced with a hot headed techie ready to shit his pants with anticipation on debating the N95 vs. iPhone I can easly pwn his ass. Game, set, match moi.

Within every joke, story, or statement there an epithet of ones disposition, an unspoken allegiance to some culture or dogma. People want to convince you of their views, so as to reaffirm their belief system, gratify their intelligence, and thus appease their ego.

This is not true of everyone, but just something you have to be mindful of when communication becomes unidirectional. That is to say: watching TV, a movie, reading a book, even conversing with a person who's voice accounts for 95% of the time during your verbal exchange. When communication is interactive or multi directional, you are not a passive observer anymore. You now play a role in deciding the content. This is why mobile video has been so successful...you're not limited by the remote anymore, you ARE the network, broadcaster and signal.

With documentaries like Sicko, Fahrenheit 911, Roger and I, Bowling for Columbine and the video I just watched-you are a passive observer for over two hours. By the time you walk out the cinema you are all motivated and political for no more than 5 minutes before you forget and go back to your rudimentary lethargic life...baaa

PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail
in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard.

It's funny as hell...enjoy.


Gotta get mine.

Gotta get up, gotta brush my teeth, gotta drink some coffee, gotta go to work -I gotta bring the home that bread. Gotta be on time, gotta pay for gas, gotta catch that train, gotta sit through traffic, gotta listen to music. Gotta pay that mortgage, gotta finance the kids college, , gotta finance that car, gotta pay those bills, gotta get out of debt, gotta get that promotion, gotta get that 401K. Gotta please the boss, gotta close that account, Gotta expand this company, gotta monetize, digitize, capitalize, stigmatize, and homogenize, gotta move up the ladder, gotta please, gotta suck up. Gotta gotta sell my soul. Gotta pass that bill, gotta finance that campaign, gotta patent that gene, gotta capitalize on opportunity, gotta get those voters on my side. Gotta have that drink, gotta have that smoke, gotta figure out how much longer I can do this.

Gotta get mine.

Gotta buy that dress, gotta hit the club, gotta do my nails, gotta do my hair, gotta lose some weight, gotta get my degree, gotta tease him, gotta please him, gotta ask my friends, gotta use the bathroom, gotta dodge that bill, gotta work those hips, gotta work that hair, gotta avoid eye contact. Gotta hear that song, gotta see that movie, gotta eat that food, gotta look good, gotta be quiet, gotta speak up, gotta read, gotta move up, gotta fall in love, gotta have kids, gotta get married, gotta get that rock, gotta be successful, gotta live in mans world.

Gotta get mine.

Gotta get laid, gotta look good, gotta go out, gotta travel, gotta pay for that cab, gotta pay that cover, gotta buy those drinks, gotta talk to that girl, gotta keep my head up, gotta be confident, gotta be pleasant, gotta keep the conversation flowing, gotta dodge that cockblock, gotta keep her attention, gotta make eye contact, gotta speak above the music, gotta make her laugh, gotta make her smile,gotta get that number, gotta brush it off and try again.

Gotta get mine.

My friend "J" has decided to be more proactive about his personal life. This was not only surprising, but makes me proud knowing that the blog has accomplished some good. What's usually nothing more than just a bunch of aimless meandering has actually served a small function for one reader. Initially I was apprehensive passing "J" the URL to "Don't Stick", second guessing myself about what his reaction might be. Looking back, I'm glad I did, while no one enjoys criticism "J" was objective enough to take something positive from it. Anyway, "J" sent me the following message a short while ago:
So I've been thinking about stuff and i think need to be out there just racking up notches (as the DCB would say) for a bit. These 2 more years in grad school might actually be good for me. Its gonna be hard, or different at least and I'm kinda sorry that this experience happened so late...kinda wished i woke up 5 years ago...but im still young. The past five years haven't been a total waste though as i think i developed socially alot. Also, certain things are happening which i never though would have happened before. i am able to hold the attention of an entire room or crowd of people and lead in certain activities. Maybe this is because i am on average 2 years older than the college crowd but say what... its getting me attention from girls. I think this is one of the things that attracted her to me. Also, there was a turn around date were we kinda just limed as equals, though i took the lead when decisions were being made. After that she was txting me to hang out and it was obvious her interest was peaked. It was only when the time came for things to get physical that i screwed up. And I'm glad i did. There is a saying in capoeira that you learn 10x as much falling down as you do taking someone down.

Anyway, you were right in your blog that i cant just wait for things to happen. Also, i think I'm investing too much i just trying to date one girl i really like rather than a few that are so-so. This girl is still playing games but its ok. Im over it and moving on.
twisted Get Em!


Every once in a while I search craigslist for shits'n'giggles. If you've never passed through the W4M section, try it some time, you'll be amazed at some of the posts.

It's no surprise most of the girls are wharf rats. Where as a good looking woman gets attention from men every day (be it looks, free drinks etc) an unattractive woman gets squat and must therefore seek alternative means to be reminded of her value. By making a single post, her inbox is flodded and she can sift through hundreds of emails with offers of penis.

Despite the plethora of undesirables, every once in a while you find what looks like a diamond in the rough; a seed of hope in a pile of Congo shit.

Now while this chick isn't anything amazing (I'd give her a 7 at most), she's a super model compared to what you normally see. I refer to exhibit WTF:

Imagine waking up next to that Where's batman when you need him?

What was going through her head when she decided to post this pic? Once my shallow tendencies subsided, a wave of melancholy fell over me as I contemplated how difficult life must be when you're cursed with the mutated genes of a penguin and heroine addict. On a more serious note, it must suck donkey balls for girls who aren't considered objectively good looking by society. Moreso when you're just plain fugly.

I'm especially picky when it comes to emailing a craigslist chick. Like a myspace/facebook profile they'll often take the best of 100 photos making sure it's from the shoulders up. Last thing you want to do is go on a blind date with a girl who looked like an 8 and turns out to be a 5 or 6.

A persons vocabulary and writing style can say a lot about their character. Let's analyze some of todays posts:

Need Someone Extremely Wealthy for Help - 19
Translation --> I'm going to ass rape your credit card
cute chubby and frustrated - 24
Transaltion --> I'm overweight and ignorant
Can you impress me? - 24
Translation --> Can you stroke my ego? I seek validation.
Can I please have your attention? - 23
Transaltion -->
I'm a control freak
Princess looking for her Prince no frogs - 24
Transaltion --> I live in a fantasy world of unrealistic expectations
I may be strange, even weird, but there is never a dull moment! - 22
Transaltion -->

This girl looked like the catch of the day. Here she is again. Her post read:
Really I have no idea why Im using this route to date.
95% of the girls that post on CL begin with, "I don't know why I'm here." rolleyes ...some kind of cushion for the bruised ego. She continues saying:

Im actually at a loss for words here and thats never usually the case. Its hard to word it correctly to reel you in so I figure Ill just ramble and tell you who I am and what I want. I think if you really like somebody and trust them, they should be trusted to make the right decision when it comes to females as friends and going out with the boys. I would like to get to know someone before I jump into any kind of relationship. I mean the worst that can happen is that I make a new awesome friend, RIGHT?
blah blah blah...
I was a gymnast and can still do the splits--so I am very flexible. If your interested send me a message and i will go into further detail.

sidenote: on second thought, this girl sounds too good to be true. I'd faster expect it to be an April Fool's prank. confused

One thing required to succeed in life is desire. Now some might say Duh, but when I say desire I mean true passion. I mean the kind of burning aspiration that you cannot get rid of year after year. Sure your priorities will change over time, and you will have temporal goals that supersede your desires but nevertheless they remain omnipresent. That is true desire...it never fades.

One of the things which has remained constant is my passion for cars. Since the age of 14 I've devoted an almost obsessive passion for performance cars. If I saw one I'd lustfully stick around to take in it's sculped form, obsessing over it like a pedophile outside kindergarten. So much so I'd even harass the owners in a feeble attempt to cop a ride. Kind of sad now looking back, but you do stupid things when you're in love.

When you can't have something you desire you will find some means to fill that void. One such way is to displace it with some vicarious means through which you can pretend you're living the dream. People do this all the time. When a girl wishes she were popular and considered hot, she starts following celebrity gossip and idolizing vacuous idiots like Paris Hilton. When a guy can't get laid and watches porn he's doing nothing more than displacing himself with the guy giving the stick; and since your girlfriend doesn't look like this:

you close your eyes and pretend she does while having sex.

With the exception of masturbation (strengthens the forearms cool), these are idle ways to keep your brain entertained as you sulk about the life you wish you had . If you want something bad enough, if you have a burning desire, you will not let anyone or anything stop you from obtaining it. Can't get girls then either go to the gym or work on your game (or both).

Now although I play devils advocate I am, or rather, was guilty of this. I used to envy my friends whose parents bought them a nice car, and sulk because my parents, who could well afford it, didn't do the same. Although I still don't have my dream car, I'm thankful they didn't spoil me with another materialistic possession. Although I would have held it in higher regard than any other, it would have procured a lazy mentality whereby I would expect affluent things through good grades; nothing more, nothing less.

Since I couldn't have the car, I started to kill time by drawing it and reading articles. While I lived vicariously through the writer and his experience of driving the car, it helped me to learn more about it. My passion grew so deep, I began subconsciously retaining anything I read. I surrounded myself with people who had similar passions and my thirst for knowledge continued to grow. I picked up 3D and used it as a means to procure the imagery stuck in my head. Had I not been passionate about cars, I don't think my 3D skills would be at the level they are today:

One day a friend showed me how ECU tuning could control the car's computer. The changes made to the computer unit would effectively harmonize the sum of the parts. It's kind of like cooking: you can have all the ingredients but if you don't follow the recipe you'll end up with cow shit instead of creme brule. I immediately found this interesting for it would allow my knowledge to be put to good use. Moreover I realized that few people were taking advantage of such technology.

What started as a means to fill the void has turned into a small business I run in my spare time. I provide a tuning package and service for people fortunate enough to own my dream car. Although small in terms of profit, the lesson to be learned is in the principal: I used my desire to bring myself fortune. Instead of bitching about when I'd be fortunate enough to gain my want, I used the energy constructively into something that brings me just a little closer to that reality. There's nothing quite so empowering as taking an educated risk and finding success through hard work.

I took the initiative to instead ask: how can I get my dream car? What am I doing that I love that can get me 1 step closer to making my dream a realityRobert Kiyosaki talks about this in his book "Rich Kid, Smart Kid", whereby simply changing your cognitive disposition opens your mind to creative thinking you would have otherwise never entertained.

Open your mind and start channeling your desire into something positive. Thinking you'll never afford X, Y and Z will keep you stagnant and close your mind off from exploring creative ways and opportunities to accomplish your goals and desires. Keep an open mind and your aspirations close at hand...love them long enough and you'll find a way to start monetizing them. idea

Stop and KNOW that YOU control your life; not the bank; not the corporations; not even the money. YOU forge your own destiny in your willingness to rise above things that inhibit that which brings you happiness.

Sometimes a 1 step back = 2 steps forward. I have learnt this the hard way. life has a funny way of teaching you things. I've come to learn that my best only comes out during the worst times. I used to be one to give up easily...from the time something goes wrong I want to say fuck it. I would question God and ask why the hell things turned out like this. But my mother has taught me that you MUST take on the trials that life throws at you. This is something easier said than done, that's why you must first be completely confident of your desire...that's why it must be an ever burning flame in you. So that whe time are tought, and the flame subsides you remind yourself that the juice is worth the motherfucking squeeze.

Don't be distracted. Today, technology and multimedia bombard every crevice of our lives. Use them as a tools, not as a nullifying means to procraste. Your destiny that is impacted by every single decision you make.

Attack your fears head on. Nothing will build confidence faster than shedding your inhibitions.

Define your principals and maneuver through life with them in mind. Let your conscious guide you and not some fastidious opiate that regurgitates paradoxical hegemony to the masses.

Equilibrium is directly proportional to your mental and physical health. IE too much of anything is not good. Instead of living and thinking black and white, try to live in the gray.

Every mistake is a lesson learned. Even if you don't come out clean on the other side, you'd have learned something from the experience. The journey, not as much the result, will be the part you remember most, the part you tell your grand kids about.

Your life is worth nothing more than the some of it's parts. Make sure that when you leave this planet, this body, that you do so knowing the fragments you've accumulated create a mosaic unlike any other.

So get your ass up and go do something with your life, for time lost is time never to be found again exclaim

Don't Stick!

So one of my boys (I'll call him J) called me tonight about a girl problem. He's somewhat religious and quite passive when it comes to gaming women. I'm a bit worried about his future because he needs to wake up and start approaching women he likes instead of waiting for them to come to him.

He's been seeing this chick who's blatantly told him she's looking for no strings attached sex. Now while this may be a no brainer for most, he actually likes the girl. He hasn't told her this (thank God) and is caught between starting things on a sexual basis or waiting it out to see if the long term relationship is feasible. Now while he would prefer a relationship out of it, he has absolutely no issues with simply getting laid. Saint or not, he's a man with needs. (thank God x 2)

Over the weekend he got pretty far with this chick who unsurprisingly initiated all the physicality:

  • She wanted to go back to his place to watch a movie (+10)
  • She got "cold" and wanted to share a blanket (+5)
  • They started kissing (+10)
  • She mounted him. (+100)
  • She grabbed his hands and placed them on her babylons. (+1000)

At this point there's no doubt...she wants the ultra piggalicks combo ...nothing can go wrong...my boy is going to tap that ass left, right, and center. All he need do is start taking off her clothes and exploring her body IE start taking charge. Well, somehow she managed to fall off of him, don't ask me how.

As one would expect, everything went downhill from that point on. He tried to rekindle the heat of the moment but it was too little too late, the mood was lost; she said it was getting late and left.

Since then she's been hitting him one liners and is "unusually" busy. While he's replaying the scene wondering where it all went wrong she strokes her ego letting his calls go to voice mail. What happened? He hesitated...he hesitated because he thought sex might void any opportunity for a relationship with this girl. neutral

As hard as it is to say this, my friend is exhibiting the traits and sensibilities of a beta. Whereas an Alpha would have capitalized on the opportunity presented to him concerning himself with long term propositions only AFTER satisfying his desires, a beta attempts to rationalize the situation. He does not understand the chaos and confusion that is the female mind! If a girl isn't looking for a relationship nothing you say is going to convince her otherwise. Now instead of penetrating wet vagina he's back to beating his dick silly.

Women are complicated creatures that over-think, over-analyze and confuffle themselves. They are good at things like multitasking for the very same reason they are crazy...the can entertain 10-12 thoughts at any one time. It's impossible to correlate why a women did or didn't want to have sex. As such, there's no sense in looking back wondering why...you just need to strike while the iron is hot. Concern yourself with emotional matters afterward...the fact that you managed to get her to initiate sex means that you're long past earning her trust, and have managed to build sexual tension.

After analyzing his situation I began to ponder why she was so forceful and urgent in trying to seduce him in the first place. It's possible she could have just been a slut. Now, although this could be true, being the timid saint he is, J's not the kind of guy to knowingly go after the village bicycle.

More realistically she could have been a horny girl that fell for his lack of game. Lack of game you say? Well think about it: while she was putting out all the signs for him chase her, the poor guy never picked up on them. His lack of interest must have drove her nuts. Instead of J putting in the effort that she expected and is used to, he accidentally flipped the script..forcing her to commit to him if she indeed wanted the gratification of knowing that she's an object of desire. Besides jealousy, attention starvation is one the prime things that will drive a girl nuts.

Poor guy....he should have escalated things while the her panties were wet. Being the passive and inexperienced guy that he is, J made the mistake of relinquishing control when he should have taken charge. Every woman wants to be seduced, not be the seducer...at least not all the way in. He should cut his loses and move on.

His only alternative is playing the jealousy card to elevate his social status. Jealousy is a very powerful emotion. Nothing makes a girl go ape shit faster than seeing a guy she likes out with a girl just as attractive if not more than herself. The intent here is to show that you're fun and desired, making her feel like she gave up a good catch. Girls pull this shit on guys all the time, so it's fun to beat them at their own game. You always want what you can't have or think you can't have.

What happens now? It's doubtful he'll be able to grab her back...I think he's already in the friend zone. She's already obtained the emotional validation she's been seeking. Moreover, the tables have turned; evident in the fact that he's been trying to contact her more than he usually would. He shouldn't stroke her ego by calling her. Let it go and and next time don't stick, learn from this experience and move on-always more fish in the sea.


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