Something New

It's always refreshing to find something new. The human spirit is an amazing thing but easily diminished when burdened with everyday menial life. That said it's always nice to find new things to keep you going; keep you inspired.

I'm graduating from college and moving on with my life. I'm taking a road trip on some of the best road through Europe. Moreover, I'm doing it in an evo VIII. It will no doubt be unreal, I'll try my best not to try any Crack Makinen tactic and bring both the car and myself in one piece.

With 2000 miles to cover I'm going to need lots of music to keep me going. I was watching this Top Gear Epsiode for inspiration. As usual, the soundtrack is an eclectic mix that inspires the soul. It's the kind of music that gives you goosebumps and makes you think about some fantasy you've been planning your whole life.

First off we have Ludovico Einaudi, an Italian composer with some amazing minimalist classical music. His 2007 album Divenire is worth checking out; it's the best classic I've heard since Michael Nyman's work on the Gattaca OST. The song "Ritornare" is particularly beautiful yet encompassing an almost melancholy serene:

Next, I accidentally found this guy called "Apparat." while looking at Remix of the same Top Gear video. His music is the most original thing I've heard in a long time. Imagine a half cup of Craig Armstrong, two tea spoons of Radiohead, and a dash of minimalist trance. It would definitely constitute as "high man" music, but I seem to be the odd ball that enjoys it sober.



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