3 wishes

If you had 3 wishes, what would they be? Would it be for self gain, or the betterment of all human kind?

I once saw a movie where a guy wished for world peace. Sounds fair enough - simple. The result was that everything on earth disappeared, and there was " peace on earth ". He then spent his other wish to get everyone back to normal. I guess the moral of that story was that not everything that is wrong in the world can be fixed by simply wishing it away. In that respect, perhaps the imperfections that create the unbalanced - and sometimes violent nature of the world was meant to be?

What is it that we truly want? I think we can all agree that is it to be happy - what that means exactly differs from person to person. Money plays a big part, because the world as we know it revolves around money, and the power that is associated with it. So a wish for money is a common one, but as the saying goes - money can't buy you love, especially when that love you're looking for is from ureself. Nevertheless, money will get you the comforts that you want - so perhaps an indirect route is what you need.

" I wish I can be inspired to write #1 hits or " I wish I can conceptualise ideas in science that are yet to be discovered" Something around that would bring you all the money you need eventually. Plus you will have the joy of working for it; Nothing that is won freely will be enjoyed to the fullest.

Avoid fads - A guy once wished he could be invisible. He promptly got knocked down by a passing car. Being invisible is nice, but having the power to assume which ever power you desire and for whatever period you want is better. Think about it!

Don't bring back the dead! Ever! Enough said. What is done is done.

For your final wish, try to be selfless. instead of the Ms. Universe world peace answer, try tolerance. Wish that all humans have tolerance for each others differences. With this tolerance, over time, perhaps, there will be the peace you wish for.


  1. NY3NE said...

    these traits are gifts. But not the kind of gifts that are just given to you. You earn them over time through you're own diligence, experience and patience.

    It would be nice to see Ms. Universe answer a question on the note you ended!  


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