Success: There and Back again

There comes a time in life where success is measured by personal satisfaction rather than actual achievement.

All through life we are pushed to think logical, emotional, radical. They teach you how to be sensible, respectable, detachable. Yet there comes the day when training is all done, and you are released in the world to do the best you can.

Until then success was handed to you on a piece of paper... An advert that TELLS you, and everyone else for that matter, how successful you have been... how good you are... how much you are worth as a human being. Somehow, that system works... and most people keep chugging along; do the do, pleasing who they have to please to get ahead.

But there comes a point in life where success is more relative. It’s a personal choice to be successful or not. I think that’s the main difference in being an adult. As a child success is defined for you. As an adult, you define you own success, and in time, the success of your own children. There’s as old saying, its better to have a bad plan, than no plan at all. I think what I have is a bad plan, perhaps a very bad plan. But it’s a plan non the less. Not the plan I intended, and certainly not leading to the same successes that I set out to achieve, we at least not directly.
Its time to re-define success, and the means of getting it...

It has always been my dream to see the world... to get out of little Trinidad and experience all this world has to offer. There is no greater failure for me than to have not achieved that prime objective. Now, through life there were several paths that lead there ( all of which I've managed to muck up to this point). Firstly there was college.... get into a college in the US or UK. Simple, but not set. That didn’t happen the way I wanted it to and I landed in Geosciences... by no means a failure... infact a great success?!?

Then there was a job/ MSc. Look for something in the US or UK again? No... Got a job in a good multi-national company locally. Another great success?!?

And finally, there was a foreign posting... which I happened to no receive. There reasons for me not getting that posting is a topic for another post, but I'll say that I lost the job due to no fault of mine... I did however land a great post in frontier exploration in the Columbus Basin... great stuff ... really interesting, what another great success?!?

It is now, at this point I need to re-evaluate my success.



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