A good poker player is analogous to a confidant man who can game women. You need to approach things logically and not get caught up in what's at stake. That is to say, irrespective of whether she's a ten or a beer goggle beauty you need to advance things logically and not let your emotions lead you astray.

In both games I think success is determined by both luck and skill. Some days your hot, lady luck is on your side and you can use that glowing confidence to your advantage. When your on a roll, nobody can stop you. Other players are intimidated by your high stack (alpha male) status. Playing with confidence draws in for the big pots (9s/10s) while your overwhelming chip count (success and confidence) helps women gravitate toward you. Enjoy the it while it lasts.

Other times, the game will be cold and unforgiving...there's little you can do to change the hands your dealt. You can bluff your way through (liquid courage...aka alcohol), but more often than not people will see through your bullshit facade. In times of famine, ones low stack status (beta male / AFC) will lead to "all in" behavior or "tilt" as they call it in poker. The hit or miss hail Mary scenario where you drunk text, call too much, or the mother of them all: propose. eek

I've been playing both games for a while now, and though I'm no WSOP/PUA guru, I can tell you that you can't use cold cards as an excuse to stop playing the game or play irrationally. If you step back and look at the bigger picture, it'll become apparent that the outcome is not determined explicitly by the cards you're dealt but how you choose to play them.

You need to step up with confidence and know how to go about using your skills and attributes to your advantage. So you weren't born a Trump, Gates or Slim; you're not smooth like Don Juan or Casanova; and your intellect stems nowhere near that of Nietzsche, Kubrick or Einstein.

You may be none of these things but you are a goddamn man. A long time ago, not long after you were born into the world and became aware of the life around you. You had dreams, you had aspirations, you had an imagination of things you could accomplish and the cognitive innocence to believe nothing otherwise.

Some old Auntie who you'd never met, and wore too much makeup would come over, rub your cheeks with a gleeful smile and ask, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" And if you only had the vocabulary you have now, it would have been, "A motherfuckin' policeman." verbatim. You probably said a police man, or a pilot, of a fireman or something to that effect, because it those days you could have conquered the world and pwned Skeletor in the same day if you wanted.

Man, when you're young, you genuinely think you can accomplish whatever you want, be exactly who you want to be. Somewhere along the way life gets to you and you begin to think otherwise. When you're a child you are full of emotion and being brought up into a man you learn to hide them. I think a consequence of this action is the relationship between our emotions and aspirations. The feeling you'd get while being a bad ass ninja fuckin up crackheads with ninja stars. Being Rambo with nothing more than you're dads handkerchief and an imitation Nerf gun that shot ping pong balls cuz that shit was expensive.

The point is, I think a lot of success comes about by staying true to yourself and being aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Analyze what you are doing and study what gives you the best results. Like anything in life worth doing, you have to push yourself until you see a satisfactory result. The transition between child and adult is filled with a surplus of corporate hegemony and media saturation, trials and tribulations, naysayers that bring you down and many other problems that I and no one else could know better than you.

Because so much has changed in yourself between now and then, because the part of you that is still Alpha is directly proportional to what's left of Michael Jackson's nose - I have taken it upon myself to remind you as Blake in Glengarry Glen Ross would:

You have a big set of balls between your legs. Walk down the street with an air of confidence like you just arrived in the Ferrari, fucked Adriana Lima and won the Pulitzer Prize. Do what you have to do to give you that smile of assertion, that sanguine of seduction. Smile while talking to a girl knowing that in the end it really doesn't matter.

If a a potential love interest doesn't reciprocate, don't hold contempt for another....just look at it as a game that you'll soon play again. I've been playing poker long enough to know that it's never the same every time around. There will be times when you're the high stack and others when you're the low. The difference is your head when it comes to the next hand, next table and an entirely new game. When you're on a winning streak, sit back and enjoy the moment, because you don't know when next you'll be hitting the jackpot. In the mean time keep your head up, and go get'em



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